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Nona Biosciences and Genequantum Healthcare Forge Strategic Collaboration to Advance Early Discovery of Next-generation Bioconjugates

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Nona Biosciences, a global leader in technology innovation and antibody discovery and development solutions, has recently partnered with GeneQuantum Healthcare to advance the early discovery of next-generation bioconjugates.

In this strategic collaboration, Nona Biosciences will integrate GeneQuantum's exclusive and innovative iLDC (intelligent Ligase-dependent Conjugation) and iGDC (intelligent Glycotransferase-dependent conjugation) platforms with its own Harbour Mice® platform and cutting-edge technologies. This integration aims to enhance technology platform capabilities, offering a comprehensive solution for the early discovery of next-generation bioconjugates to global partners.

Nona Biosciences, expressed the company's commitment to providing innovative solutions for preclinical drug development using cutting-edge antibody technologies. The collaboration with GeneQuantum Healthcare is expected to further empower partners in advancing their ADC drug R&D initiatives.

GeneQuantum Healthcare has developed iLDC and iGDC platforms as core technologies for bioconjugate drugs, addressing challenges in the ADC field, including heterogeneity, poor stability, process complexity, and difficulties in scale-up manufacture. Gang Qin, PhD, Founder and Chairman of GeneQuantum Healthcare, highlighted the significance of their technologies in reducing production costs, improving drug quality, and enhancing global accessibility to ADC drugs.

The strategic collaboration between Nona Biosciences and GeneQuantum Healthcare is poised to bring together the strengths of Nona's extensive drug development experience and GeneQuantum's conjugation technology. This collaboration is expected to substantially improve high-quality and high-throughput screening for the early discovery of ADC drugs.



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