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NS Pharma and MiNA Therapeutics Collaborate on Research Aimed at Developing Therapies for Rare Central Nervous System Diseases

Friday, April 05, 2024

NS Pharma, Inc. (NS Pharma) recently disclosed a significant collaboration with MiNA Therapeutics, headquartered in London, UK, facilitated by its parent company, Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd., based in Kyoto, Japan. This partnership aims to develop nucleic acid drugs targeting intractable and rare diseases affecting the central nervous system. The collaboration was orchestrated by NS Pharma's Innovation Research Partnering (IRP) team situated in Cambridge, MA.

President Tsugio Tanaka of NS Pharma expressed satisfaction with the collaboration between the IRP division and MiNA Therapeutics, highlighting the potential of small activating RNA (RNAa) therapeutics in driving innovation in disease treatment.

According to the agreement, MiNA Therapeutics will provide RNAa therapeutics to Nippon Shinyaku, which can enhance the transcription of specific genes. Nippon Shinyaku retains the option to exclusively research and develop pharmaceutical candidates resulting from this collaboration. This option involves payment of lump sums and milestones based on research and development progress. Upon exercising this option, Nippon Shinyaku will further pay milestones and royalties linked to developmental progress and product sales post-launch.

Tanaka reiterated the company's commitment to leveraging nucleic acid drug technology in the central nervous system domain, emphasizing NS Pharma's dedication to improving the lives of patients with rare diseases.

Nippon Shinyaku has a robust history of developing compounds across various therapeutic areas, including hematologic malignancies and orphan diseases. Its U.S. subsidiary, NS Pharma, is based in Paramus, NJ, with additional offices in Cambridge.



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