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Oliva Therapeutics and Rio Biopharmaceuticals Establish a Long-Term Collaboration

Friday, June 16, 2023

Oliva Therapeutics, a healthcare company focusing on product commercialization, sales, marketing, distribution, and promotion, has recently revealed a long-term partnership with Rio Biopharmaceuticals. This collaboration grants Oliva Therapeutics exclusive supply and distribution rights to a multi-product portfolio in the North American region. Rio Biopharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of the EMS S/A Pharma family of companies, will be working closely with Oliva Therapeutics to facilitate this arrangement.

The collaboration between Oliva Therapeutics and Rio Biopharmaceuticals marks a significant expansion and diversification of Oliva's product portfolio. It also represents the first venture into the United States and Canadian markets for Rio Biopharmaceuticals, enhancing their global presence.

Daniel Akeson, the CEO of Oliva Therapeutics, expressed enthusiasm and gratitude for being chosen as the exclusive partner for Rio Biopharmaceuticals' unique and valuable product portfolio. He acknowledged the impressive track record of Rio Biopharmaceuticals and EMS Pharma in delivering high-quality and cost-conscious pharmaceuticals worldwide.

Dr. Daniel Salazar, the CEO of Rio Biopharmaceuticals, emphasized the importance of entering the North American markets as a crucial milestone for their growth and development. He also highlighted the alignment of culture and values by partnering with Oliva Therapeutics, a family-owned company.

The initial commercialization of the product portfolio is expected in 2024, followed by additional launches over the next two years. Michael Turnamian, the COO of Oliva Therapeutics, sees this collaboration as a tremendous opportunity for both organizations. He believes that Oliva's support for all dosage forms in both branded and generic spaces will enable the continued growth of their portfolio, with the potential for future assets.

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