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PanGIA Biotech to Undertake an Expanded Investigation into Liquid Biopsy for Early Detection across Various Cancer Types

Saturday, January 06, 2024

PanGIA Biotech, a biotechnology company based in the United States, is on a mission to develop scalable true liquid biopsy technology for global impact. The company recently announced the finalization of its three-year prospective, multicenter clinical study focused on prostate cancer liquid biopsy. This announcement precedes the launch of additional clinical studies in multi-cancer early detection utilizing the PanGIA® Liquid Biopsy Platform.

According to Holly Magliochetti, PanGIA Biotech's CEO, the PanGIA urine-based true liquid biopsy technology has been created to diagnose, monitor, and manage cancers earlier, using urine as a sample type. This approach is intended to significantly improve availability and scalability in cancer diagnostics.

In 2020, the company obtained Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval and initiated an innovative AI-integrated urine-based liquid biopsy study. The study involved recruiting urologists from various US-based academic institutions and community practices to enroll men scheduled for prostate biopsy. The results of this study are currently awaiting publication.

Following the success of the PanGIA prostate study, which demonstrated high sensitivity and specificity, PanGIA Biotech plans to expand its platform. The company is preparing to launch follow-on studies in ten additional cancer types, including breast, ovarian, lung, renal, bladder, colorectal, stomach, pancreas, liver, and brain. PanGIA Biotech will begin recruiting experienced medical professionals across the United States as clinical study sites and will list the study on

The expanded study is scheduled to commence in mid-2024, and interested researchers are encouraged to contact PanGIA Biotech for further information. Tricia Schumann, Chief Investment Officer of PanGIA Biotech, expresses confidence in the platform's capabilities, anticipating significant advancements in cancer diagnostics.



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