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Phenomic and Astellas Establish Collaborative Research Initiative to Advance Solid Tumor Cell Therapies

Friday, December 01, 2023

Phenomic AI Inc., a biotech company dedicated to developing therapies for stroma-rich tumors using its scTx® single-cell transcriptomics platform, has established a strategic research collaboration with Astellas Pharma Inc. The collaboration is facilitated through Xyphos Biosciences, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Astellas. Together, Phenomic and Astellas aim to investigate the potential of antibodies, developed by Phenomic and targeting a novel tumor stroma identified with Phenomic's scTx platform, to enhance cell therapy approaches for treating solid tumors.

The scTx platform, with its extensive database and machine learning capabilities, provides unprecedented insights into the tumor stroma, a significant obstacle in cancer therapies. This enables Phenomic to develop therapies specifically for challenging-to-treat tumors. Girish Aakalu, Ph.D., CEO of Phenomic, expressed enthusiasm about exploring the antibodies' potential to improve the effectiveness of cell therapies for solid tumors by focusing on the tumor stroma. The collaboration with the Astellas team is particularly promising, given their extensive expertise in cell therapy.

As per the terms of the agreement, Phenomic is set to receive an upfront payment, complete research funding, and a milestone payment. In return, Astellas will have the first right to negotiate a license for these antibodies throughout the agreement's term.



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