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Portal Biotechnologies and Multiply Labs Team Up to Automate Cell Engineering for Enhanced Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Today, Multiply Labs and Portal Biotechnologies have announced a collaborative effort aimed at transforming cell therapy development and manufacturing. By combining Multiply Labs’ robotic automation with Portal’s advanced cell engineering capabilities, the partnership aims to streamline processes, accelerate timelines, and reduce costs to make innovative cell therapies more accessible to patients.

Armon Sharei, the Founder and CEO of Portal, expressed excitement about the collaboration, highlighting Multiply Labs’ automation strategy's potential to simplify cell therapy production and increase patient impact. Portal's mechanoporation technology, known for its ability to deliver various cargo to different cell types while preserving normal cell function, will be integrated with Multiply Labs' robotics. This integration seeks to improve efficiency, throughput, and speed while minimizing the risk of errors.

The collaboration plans to develop a Robotic Mechanoporation Cartridge containing Portal's hardware consumable kit, enabling Multiply Labs' robotic systems to operate Portal's mechanoporation technology autonomously. Fred Parietti, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of Multiply Labs, emphasized the importance of partnering with innovative companies like Portal to enhance capabilities through automation. Together, they aim to overcome key barriers in cell therapy, ensuring that future patients can access life-saving treatments.

Multiply Labs' automation technology, designed to be compatible with leading GMP-grade instruments, consumables, and reagents, is positioned to revolutionize cell therapy manufacturing. Recent pre-print data from Multiply Labs demonstrate the statistical equivalence of automated and manual cell expansion processes, suggesting that manufacturers can automate existing protocols with minimal changes and reduced regulatory risk.

This collaboration promises significant benefits for stakeholders in the cell therapy space, offering cutting-edge solutions from Portal alongside the advantages of automation, including cost savings and increased throughput.



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