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PsychoGenics Announces Extension of Ongoing Drug Discovery Collaboration with Karuna Therapeutics

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

PsychoGenics Inc., a leader in AI-enabled phenotypic drug discovery and preclinical CRO services, today announced that clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company Karuna Therapeutics, Inc., has extended its drug discovery collaboration with the Company aimed at identifying potential novel drug candidates for the treatment of severe neuropsychiatric disorders.

The initial multi-year agreement, announced in July 2020, allowed Karuna to leverage Psychogenics proprietary screening platforms, which utilize computer vision and machine learning to identify and evaluate new drug candidates to further its pipeline of differentiated neuropsychiatric drugs.

“We are encouraged by the progress of the ongoing research efforts in collaboration with Karuna. This extension in our partnership has the potential to produce the next new generation of neuropsychiatric treatments,” said Emer Leahy, Ph.D., CEO of PsychoGenics. “We have enjoyed working with the talented Karuna discovery team and look forward to advancing much needed and improved treatments for severely disabling conditions.”

“We are eager to continue our partnership with PsychoGenics, which has made notable progress in advancing our understanding of potential new and novel targets for the treatment of psychiatric conditions,” said Steve Paul, M.D., chief executive officer, president, and chairman of Karuna Therapeutics. “Our partnership is fueled by our shared mission of providing new and meaningful treatment options for patients living with serious mental illness, which would not be possible without novel and collaborative approaches to drug discovery.”

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