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Ractigen Therapeutics and University Medical Center Utrecht Establish Strategic Collaboration to Advance saRNA Innovation in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Monday, January 29, 2024

Ractigen Therapeutics, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company specializing in small activating RNA (saRNA) therapeutics, has formally announced a collaboration with the University Medical Center Utrecht, affiliated with Utrecht University. This strategic partnership aims to advance the development of saRNA-based treatments for various neurodevelopmental disorders by combining the strengths of both entities.

The collaboration will be led by Professor Bobby Koeleman, Group Leader at the Department of Genetics within the Center for Molecular Medicine at Utrecht University. The goal is to leverage Ractigen's cutting-edge saRNA discovery platform, medicinal chemistry expertise, and innovative oligonucleotide delivery systems to translate promising preclinical research into clinically effective therapeutics. Professor Koeleman's research team, known for their work on the genetic underpinnings of severe childhood epilepsies, will contribute novel gene targets with therapeutic potential.

This collaboration exemplifies a practical integration of academic research and industry capabilities for the development of potential treatments for neurodevelopmental disorders. The synergy between Ractigen's technology and Utrecht University's research is expected to significantly contribute to the field of saRNA therapeutics and the development of therapies for neurodevelopmental disorders.

Dr. Long-Cheng Li, CEO of Ractigen Therapeutics, expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating, "Our partnership with Utrecht University signifies a significant step forward in our mission to create innovative therapies for challenging genetic disorders. By merging our RNAa technology and advanced delivery systems with Utrecht's impactful research, we believe we can truly make a difference in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders."



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