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Repligen Extends and Expands Long-Term Supply Agreement with Purolite for Affinity Ligands

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Repligen Corporation announced that is has extended its long-term supply agreement with Purolite, An Ecolab Company (“Purolite”), for the development and manufacturing of affinity ligands focused on monoclonal antibodies (“mAb”) and antibody fragments. Repligen entered into an exclusive agreement with Purolite in 2018 for the development and supply of NGL-Impact® Protein A ligands. This agreement extends our exclusive partnership to 2032 and broadens the scope of the partnership to now include ligands targeting mAb fragments.

Tony J. Hunt, President and CEO of Repligen, said, “We are delighted with the progress we have made working with Purolite and now Ecolab to establish the NGL family of Protein A ligands in the marketplace. This extension and product line expansion is well aligned with our Proteins strategy and supports the acceleration in market adoption of the Praesto® affinity resin portfolio. It provides Purolite with exclusive access to new best-in-class mAb fragment ligands developed at Avitide, in addition to the NGL portfolio developed at Navigo GmbH, and solidifies Repligen as Purolite’s exclusive development and manufacturing scale-up partner. Additionally, Repligen will continue to receive access to Purolite’s leading-edge base bead technology, as we proceed with the development and commercialization of novel affinity resins focused on new modalities and gene therapy.”

Hayley Crowe, Senior VP and General Manager of Purolite, said, “Purolite and Repligen have for years worked together to bring industry-best protein A ligands and chromatography resins into the bioprocessing market. Our partnership has been remarkably successful and this agreement reaffirms our commitment to leadership in affinity solutions while enhancing our commitment to the security of supply of our highly competitive agarose-based Protein A resins.”

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