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Revvity and Element Biosciences Announce a Collaboration Aimed at Enhancing Next-generation Sequencing Research Workflow

Monday, October 16, 2023

Revvity, Inc. and Element Biosciences, Inc., have announced a strategic collaboration with the aim of simplifying the genomic analysis process to save time and effort for researchers.Revvity, expressed their joint mission, stating, "This collaboration between Revvity and Element Biosciences seeks to enhance the overall customer experience by providing compelling application-specific data, stronger support, and easier access to the essential components needed for laboratories to efficiently move from sample collection to obtaining results. By addressing the typical challenges associated with genomic sequencing workflows, we are expediting the democratization of genomic sequencing."

Yaron Hakak, Senior Vice President of Corporate and Business Development at Element Biosciences, highlighted the expanded reach and the potential benefits for customers, saying, "Working with Revvity will enable us to greatly extend the availability of high-quality sequencing as part of a comprehensive solution, benefiting customers worldwide."

Genomic data generated through next-generation sequencing (NGS) has become increasingly vital in scientific innovation and research. The NGS process involves a series of intricate steps, including sample collection, nucleic acid extraction, library preparation, quality control, sequencing, data analysis, and integration into laboratory information management systems. For labs new to NGS and those considering regular use of genomic sequencing data, this process can be challenging. Genomic data is indispensable for advancing research in areas like human health, as evidenced by research publications and ongoing studies in various disease identification efforts, including neonatal research applications.

Revvity offers meticulously curated research components that span the NGS spectrum, covering the sequencing platform. Their offerings include sample collection devices, a dried blood spot (DBS) puncher for processing blood samples, chemagic™ kits and automated instruments for nucleic acid extraction, a diverse range of liquid handlers and reagent kits for automated library preparation, the LabChip® GX Touch HT nucleic acid analyzer, and the VICTOR2™ D Instrument for sample quality control. Additionally, they provide software capabilities crucial for data management and interpretation. For labs looking for a service-oriented model, Revvity Omics, Inc. delivers end-to-end solutions, from supplying sample collection kits to delivering final reports. This flexibility allows customers to access sequence data only or reports, complementing their in-house capabilities.

The selection of the NGS platform is a crucial factor for labs looking to advance their research. Element's AVITI System, a flexible benchtop sequencer known for its exceptional performance and cost-effectiveness, provides high-quality, cost-efficient data for a wide range of applications and scales. The AVITI System has gained substantial traction, with over 100 commercial orders from global customers. Element Biosciences recently introduced a throughput-based option for the AVITI System, offering top-tier sequencing capabilities on a benchtop for as low as $200 per genome, or $2 per gigabase. Revvity Omics has adopted Element's AVITI platform for its global service business, showcasing improved technology capabilities, flexibility, and speed.

Revvity and Element Biosciences plan to offer this integrated solution to an expanded customer base interested in either the entire genomic sequencing workflow or specific components. Laboratories looking to discuss their research requirements can do so through a dedicated channel provided by the collaboration.



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