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Saama and Pfizer Extend Partnership to Integrate AI-Driven Data Solutions Across Research and Development Portfolio

Monday, February 12, 2024

Saama, a leading provider of AI-based solutions aimed at expediting clinical development and commercialization, has announced an expanded, multi-year agreement with Pfizer, a global biopharmaceutical leader, to enhance the pace of clinical research.

This agreement marks the extension of a strategic collaboration initiated in 2020 between Saama and Pfizer, aimed at automating Pfizer's data review processes using artificial intelligence (AI). The initial collaboration resulted in the development of Smart Data Quality (SDQ), which notably reduced the time required for database lock. With this new agreement, Pfizer intends to further deploy SDQ to streamline and expedite data review processes across its broader range of global studies.

Saama, commented, “Our initial partnership with Pfizer during the COVID-19 vaccine development showcased the remarkable capabilities of our AI-driven technology platform in enhancing and accelerating the clinical trial process, ultimately facilitating faster treatment delivery to patients. The opportunity to extend our collaboration across more of Pfizer's portfolio underscores the tangible potential of Saama's unique platform to revolutionize drug development for the benefit of a larger population worldwide.”

Pfizer, stated, “Establishing a sustainable framework for accelerating analysis and reporting in clinical trials is essential for expediting the development of groundbreaking medicines. We are excited to expand our strategic alliance with Saama across our global portfolio, leveraging their state-of-the-art, AI-based technologies to reduce the time and resources required for data review and reconciliation, while enhancing the quality and consistency of data across routine and complex clinical studies.”

The expanded agreement goes beyond SDQ, aiming to assist Pfizer in accelerating regulatory submissions across its portfolio through Saama's advanced Biometrics Research and Analysis Information Network. This next-generation solution has the potential to streamline statistical programming and biostatistics workflows, digitize study specifications, and generate submission-ready tables, listings, and figures (TLF) artifacts, thereby potentially reducing regulatory submission timelines across Pfizer's global portfolio.

Saama's solutions leverage cutting-edge technology and AI capabilities to empower study teams to manage the vast volume and variety of data generated in today's clinical trials effectively. These solutions centralize and standardize data from multiple sources throughout studies, enabling streamlined medical review processes, enhanced patient safety oversight, prediction of participant behavior, accelerated clinical signal discovery, and more.

The Saama platform offers AI-enabled SaaS products and solutions that cater to the entire spectrum of clinical development. 




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