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Saama Enters a New Agreement Facilitating AI-Driven Drug Development

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Saama, a provider of AI-based solutions aimed at expediting clinical development and commercialization, has recently unveiled a multi-year agreement with AstraZeneca, a leading global biopharmaceutical company. This collaboration is designed to simplify and enhance AstraZeneca's clinical data management and medical review processes by leveraging Saama's AI-enabled technology platform, with the goal of establishing a new standard for accelerating clinical development.

According to Lisa Moneymaker, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer at Saama, there is a growing recognition within the pharmaceutical industry of the need to transform the way drug development is conducted by adopting cutting-edge technologies. She emphasized Saama's vision to expedite drug development by using their AI-enabled technology platform to deliver essential treatments to patients more quickly. The partnership with AstraZeneca underscores their shared commitment to redefining drug development practices for the benefit of patients worldwide.

Under this agreement, AstraZeneca will integrate Saama's platform into its data management and review systems, incorporating Saama's Smart Data Quality (SDQ), Data Hub, and Patient Insights solutions to achieve faster clinical database locking, more efficient data reviews, and smarter medical review processes.

AstraZeneca, highlighted the importance of adopting cutting-edge technology to modernize data and medical review processes, given AstraZeneca's extensive clinical portfolio. She anticipates that Saama's platform will complement their internal efforts to automate tasks, streamline data flows, and harness the power of AI for fresh insights, ultimately advancing medical breakthroughs for patients.

Saama, stressed the critical role of data review in clinical trials to ensure the validity of study results. He expressed Saama's commitment to assisting organizations in transforming their clinical development processes through innovative solutions that set a new industry benchmark.

Saama's SDQ, Data Hub, and Patient Insights solutions, when combined, utilize advanced technology and AI capabilities to empower study teams to manage the extensive and diverse clinical trial data of today. These solutions centralize and standardize data from multiple sources, streamlining medical review processes, enhancing patient safety oversight, predicting participant behavior, and accelerating the discovery of clinical signals.

Saama's platform offers a range of AI-driven Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that support every aspect of clinical development. For more information about the Saama platform, its tailored solutions and services, or to schedule a personalized demonstration.



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