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Servier and Base4 Enhance Collaboration to Advance Neuroscience Drug Development

Saturday, January 06, 2024

Base4 Biotechnology, formerly known as Nymirum, has recently announced an expansion of its license agreement with Servier, aiming to enhance their strategic collaboration in the development of RNA-targeted small molecule therapeutics. This collaboration harnesses Base4's innovative drug discovery platform to identify small molecules that modulate RNA, facilitating and expediting Servier's research in neuroscience drug candidates.

Ross Jeggo, Global Head of Neuroscience and Immuno-Inflammation Therapeutic Area at Servier, expressed the company's commitment to addressing unmet medical needs and highlighted the promising progress seen since the initiation of the partnership with Base4 in 2021. The collaboration leverages Base4's deep knowledge in RNA modulation to advance neuroscience research, providing new therapeutic options for patients in need.

Base4's proprietary DART Platform (Dynamic Atomic-Resolution RNA Targeting Platform) offers a comprehensive suite of technologies for ensemble-based drug discovery of RNA-targeting small molecules. The platform enables the modulation of RNA through various mechanisms such as inhibiting RNA translation, modulating RNA splicing, and promoting RNA degradation. The DART Platform identifies druggable RNA regions, validates dynamic RNA structures, screens novel compounds, and optimizes candidates through structure-based approaches.

Joshua Fairbank, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Base4, expressed satisfaction with the progress achieved by the collaborative efforts of Base4 and Servier. He emphasized the significance of Servier's commitment to addressing medical needs and highlighted the potential of ensemble-based drug discovery. The expansion of this partnership further underscores the effectiveness of leveraging structural dynamics to systematically target RNA with small molecules at scale. Base4 looks forward to continued collaboration with Servier in advancing their shared goals.



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