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Shorla Oncology's Acquisition of Jylamvo, an Oncology and Autoimmune Medication, in the United States from Therakind

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Shorla Oncology, a specialty pharmaceutical company with operations in the United States and Ireland, has recently finalized an agreement to acquire Jylamvo, an FDA-approved drug used in the treatment of oncology and autoimmune conditions for the US market. This acquisition holds considerable promise for patients, as Jylamvo is a user-friendly oral methotrexate solution known for its sweet taste. Notably, it eliminates the necessity for crushing or splitting pills or preparing liquid formulations, which can be challenging for certain patients.

What sets Jylamvo apart is its stability at room temperature and the absence of a requirement for specialized cold storage. The US FDA granted approval to Jylamvo in 2022, making it a valuable treatment option for a range of medical conditions, including acute lymphoblastic leukemia, mycosis fungoides, relapsed or refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma, rheumatoid arthritis, and severe psoriasis.

Shorla Oncology, expressed her excitement about this acquisition, emphasizing its significance as a pivotal step in Shorla's expansion. The company is dedicated to providing more patient-friendly and convenient treatment options. This acquisition follows Shorla's recent success in securing $35 million in Series B funding, aimed at enhancing its oncology portfolio to address drug shortages and improve the preparation and administration of oncology medications. Notably, Jylamvo marks the second FDA-approved product in Shorla's oncology portfolio.

Susan Conroy, the CEO of Therakind, also conveyed her satisfaction with this agreement, highlighting the positive impact it will have on patients. She underlined that Jylamvo's availability in the US market will offer patients a palatable oral liquid alternative for various medical conditions.

Shorla Oncology, stressed the significance of this acquisition in expanding the treatment options available to a broader patient population suffering from cancer and other debilitating illnesses. Importantly, it represents a much-needed addition to the arsenal of oral treatments for patients in need.



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