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Simcere Pharmaceutical Group and the Boston-based Healthcare System, Mass General Brigham, Have Announced a Collaborative Sponsored Research Agreement

Monday, June 12, 2023

Simcere Pharmaceutical Group Limited (2096.HK) has recently announced a Sponsored Research Agreement with Mass General Brigham, a prestigious academic medical center in the United States. The agreement aims to facilitate scientific research and the development of new treatment options for patients with cancer, autoimmune diseases, and CNS disorders. By collaborating with Mass General Brigham, Simcere will gain access to advanced research and clinical capabilities, which will expedite their global R&D efforts. In return, the partnership will provide additional resources for medical research and clinical trials, benefiting the biopharma community as a whole.

The Sponsored Research Agreement will provide funding for select projects involving up to eight research groups at Mass General Brigham over a two-year period. The focus areas of research will include neurology, oncology, and inflammation and immunology, with the goal of introducing groundbreaking technology to the forefront of patient care. Both Simcere and Mass General Brigham are excited about the potential discoveries that may result from this collaboration, as they could have a transformative impact on these critical fields.

Simcere's presence in the Boston area through its Boston Innovation Center (BIC) in Cambridge will foster local collaboration and partnerships, creating synergies among the participating research groups. Additionally, Simcere's Project X, which supports talented scientists with funding and employment opportunities, will contribute to the local medical research community, further strengthening the ecosystem.

The announcement of the Sponsored Research Agreement took place at the World Medical Innovation Forum 2023 in Boston, emphasizing Simcere's dedication to enhancing its global R&D capabilities and developing innovative therapies for patients worldwide. Simcere has also expanded its global footprint by establishing a subsidiary, Simcere Zaiming, Inc., in Massachusetts, USA, reflecting its commitment to growth in the biotech hub.

Overall, the partnership between Simcere and Mass General Brigham signifies a significant advancement in drug development and long-term collaborations that benefit not only the companies involved but also the broader medical community and, ultimately, patients in need.

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