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Sollievo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announces a Breakthrough in Intramuscular Sedation of Agitated and Violent Patients

Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Sollievo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – a development-stage pharma company focusing on modifying existing drugs – today announced its uniquely developed solution to treating acute agitation in the Emergency Department (“ED”) of hospitals via Avizafone, the active ingredient in Proviza®. The onset of sedation from current injectable products is unreliable, with sedation ranging from five to 45 minutes. Sollievo believes there is strong evidence that its proprietary formulation can more rapidly and consistently sedate aggressive patients. In addition, Proviza’s rapid onset and intermediate duration could reduce the risk of staff injuries and stress-induced turnover.

“The ED is one of the most dangerous workplaces, with incidences of physical and verbal abuse reaching epidemic proportions and only increasing since COVID,” Robert Schultz, Ph.D. Sollievo’s Founder and CEO explained. “Violence toward the ED staff is a leading cause for turnover and burnout and costs hospitals millions of dollars. But, unfortunately, pharma companies have ignored developing new products that could make a difference in the lives of those delivering patient care, until now.”

In animal studies, Proviza’s proprietary formulation demonstrated a four-fold increase in the absorption rate of Avizafone compared to a conventional formulation. In addition, this turbocharged formulation yielded a four-fold reduction in the median time to the onset of sedation. While consistent sedation must begin with consistent drug delivery, Sollievo’s breakthrough formulation is an invaluable advancement for an industry where every minute matters.

Dr. Michael Lardon, a San Diego psychiatric medical director of a high acuity psychiatric unit, commented, “In our facility, nurses and ancillary staff get assaulted frequently. An intramuscular injection capable of rapidly and consistently de-escalating violent patients would see significant usage in this challenging environment.”

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