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TransCelerate BioPharma: Facilitating Growth and Encouraging Innovation and Collaboration within the Biopharmaceutical Research and Development Community

Thursday, January 25, 2024

TransCelerate BioPharma Inc. announced today an expansion of its membership and the appointment of the organization’s Chief Operating Officer. Gilead Sciences, Inc., a leading biopharmaceutical company, has joined TransCelerate as its newest member.

TransCelerate brings together the global biopharmaceutical R&D community, including some of the largest companies in the world, to accelerate and simplify the discovery and delivery of new medicines.

“TransCelerate has a strong commitment to fostering collaboration across the biopharmaceutical R&D community. Last year, our Board of Directors and leadership envisioned a bold future for drug development and developed a strategic roadmap to guide our efforts over the next three years. Our members embody the power of innovation through collaboration by accelerating answers together to fulfill the needs of patients globally,” said Janice Chang, Chief Executive Officer, TransCelerate. “We are thrilled to have Gilead join us to strengthen our neutral, collaborative platform as we continue to work with and build trust across stakeholders to solve challenges for patients, caregivers, research sites, and healthcare practitioners in pursuit of TransCelerate’s future aspiration – the convergence of clinical research and clinical care.”

“TransCelerate is a trailblazing organization focused on developing and delivering practical solutions that have already proven their impact on streamlining drug development,” said Merdad Parsey, Chief Medical Officer, Gilead. “We are excited to be part of TransCelerate’s unique collaborative approach and to contribute to TransCelerate’s efforts to solve some of the most complex challenges affecting R&D,” he added.

TransCelerate also announced the appointment of Allison Cuff Shimooka as Chief Operating Officer. Allison is responsible for translating the organization’s strategic vision into operational plans and advancing TransCelerate’s engagement strategy. In her role, she will be working closely with the Board of Directors and Member Companies to deliver a portfolio that supports the convergence of clinical research and clinical care. Areas of focus will include innovative trial design, optimizing data collection, data sharing and reuse, and efforts to achieve foundational digitalization and connectivity.



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