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TriSalus Life Sciences Obtains WHO and AMA Approval for 'Nelitolimod' as the Official Nonproprietary Drug Name for SD-101

Friday, March 08, 2024

TriSalus Life Sciences® Inc. (Nasdaq: TLSI), a company dedicated to oncology, has recently obtained approval from both the International Nonproprietary Names (INN) Expert Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Adopted Names (USAN) Council for the nonproprietary name "nelitolimod" for SD-101, a class C TLR-9 agonist.

Mary Szela, Chief Executive Officer and President of TriSalus, emphasized the significance of this approval, considering it a major milestone for their nelitolimod program. She also highlighted the recent allocation of a new technology HCPCS Code for their TriNav® Infusion System, showcasing their commitment to addressing treatment barriers in liver and pancreatic tumors.

TriSalus employs an innovative approach, combining its delivery device with immunotherapeutic drugs to overcome mechanical and biological barriers in the tumor microenvironment, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes. Initial data from Phase 1/1b trials indicate promising efficacy and immune signals, with nelitolimod effectively delivered by the TriNav system to difficult-to-reach tumors.

The approval of nelitolimod as the nonproprietary name for SD-101 signifies its global recognition throughout its lifecycle. TriSalus intends to utilize this name in various communications, including publications, public statements, conferences, corporate materials, and other relevant forums.



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