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VantAI Collaborates with Bristol Myers Squibb to Speed Up Molecular Glue Drug Discovery via Artificial Intelligence

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

VantAI, a company specializing in generative AI-enabled drug discovery, has entered a strategic collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb (NYSE: BMY), a leading pharmaceutical company. Together, they aim to discover new molecular glues for therapeutic targets of interest, combining VantAI's geometric deep learning capabilities with Bristol Myers Squibb’s expertise in targeted protein degradation to develop small molecule therapeutics.

The collaboration will focus on using VantAI’s generative AI platform to design molecular glues as small molecule therapeutics. VantAI stands to receive up to $674 million in milestone payments from Bristol Myers Squibb, along with tiered royalties, and the option to expand to additional therapeutic programs.

VantAI, highlighted the importance of molecular glue discovery and the role of artificial intelligence in this endeavor. He expressed optimism about the collaboration's ability to accelerate molecular glue discovery and benefit patients.

Bristol Myers Squibb, emphasized the strategic significance of leveraging predictive sciences in identifying novel molecular glues. He underscored Bristol Myers Squibb’s commitment to utilizing its research platform in targeted protein degradation, along with VantAI’s AI-driven approach, to address unmet medical needs efficiently.

VantAI's technology utilizes geometric deep learning to draw insights from naturally occurring interfaces, simplifying the process of bringing proteins together in cells. This approach, known as "Protein-Contact-First" (PCF), aims to yield optimized solutions for parameters such as potency, selectivity, and molecule size.



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