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ViaDerma Engages Intent Sciences to Power Up Digital Marketing & Brand Development

Friday, January 13, 2023

ViaDerma, Inc., is pleased to announce that they have engaged the growth marketing services of INTENT SCIENCES who will help grow the business online with brand development, go-to-marketing strategies, search engine optimization, social media, content marketing, and more this year.

INTENT SCIENCES has a proven track record of achieving exceptionally high growth results very cost-effectively for a wide range of companies around the world - from startups & small businesses to leading Fortune 500 brands across a variety of industries. Their distributed team of digital marketing experts specializes in scaling out personalized digital marketing growth systems that have helped produce over $1 Billion in sales revenue online for dozens of brands to date. To learn more, see their experience.

“We’re very honored and excited to be working with ViaDerma to help grow the brand and business online. Vitastem Ultra is an incredible first aid & antibiotic treatment that works miracles. The world really needs to know about the immense value Vitastem provides and we will be working very hard to make that happen,” said INTENT SCIENCES Founder & CEO, Michael Balducci.

The INTENT SCIENCES team will be working closely with ViaDerma management to help grow the B2B & DTC demand side for ViaDerma licensing and lead product Vitastem Ultra.

“The consumer demand is off the charts for the many ailments Vitastem is a great solution for. According to primary data from Google, there are over 35 million searches on average each month in the US alone for several infectious skin diseases that Vitastem is an immediate remedy for. From psoriasis, eczema, diabetic ulcers, acne scars, MRSA, and impetigo, to healing cuts & scrapes, surgical wounds, toenail fungus, first to third-degree burns, and pet wounds too. We intend to help connect Vitastem with the massive amount of consumer search demand online via very advanced SEO strategies, amongst other ongoing digital brand awareness campaigns too,” said Balducci.

ViaDerma President & CEO, Dr. Chris Otiko said, “We are thrilled to bring INTENT SCIENCES in at this time to help us move forward in this new year. We have seen their results with other companies, and we are convinced they will be a perfect fit to help us build the Vitastem brand and greatly increase our revenues for 2023 and beyond.”

ViaDerma also announced they are continuing to pursue several large purchase orders they are confident could be finalized soon.

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