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Vivtex and AI Proteins Announce Collaboration for the Advancement of Novel Oral Biologic Therapies in Inflammatory Disease Research and Development

Friday, January 19, 2024

Vivtex Corporation and AI Proteins, Inc. have announced a collaborative research and development initiative to pioneer oral biologic therapies for inflammatory diseases. Vivtex, a biotech company, will utilize its GI-ORIS™ (Gut on a chip and AI) screening and formulation platform technology, while AI Proteins, a growing biotechnology company, will contribute its computational de novo protein design capabilities to develop miniproteins targeting and inhibiting TNF receptor 1 (TNFR1).

The collaboration involves joint efforts and shared costs between the two companies, with shared ownership of any resultant data. The main objective is to improve the oral bioavailability of AI Proteins' miniproteins, specifically designed to inhibit TNFR1, a key mediator of pro-inflammatory signaling. The inhibition of TNFR1 is a validated approach to preventing inflammation, and despite multiple attempts by various companies, there are currently no FDA-approved therapeutics targeting this receptor.

AI Proteins' innovative de novo design process provides precise control over miniprotein properties and activities, enabling potent and novel receptor engagement to successfully target TNFR1. The collaboration aims to capitalize on this technology to develop oral anti-inflammatory medicines, offering a differentiated approach with potentially superior safety and efficacy. In contrast to existing TNF-alpha pathway inhibitors that require injection, the objective is to create an oral alternative, increasing accessibility for a broader patient population.

Maureen Deehan, CEO of Vivtex, emphasized the strategic alignment of technologies in the collaboration, aiming to overcome delivery and bioavailability challenges. Noah D. Beerman, CEO of AI Proteins, highlighted the impact of their de novo miniprotein technology and expressed optimism about the collaboration's potential to develop innovative anti-inflammatory therapeutics.

In summary, the collaboration between Vivtex and AI Proteins aims to combine cutting-edge technologies to create a new class of oral anti-inflammatory medicines, potentially transforming the therapeutic landscape for inflammatory diseases.



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