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West Expands Corning Collaboration and Launches First Product

Thursday, February 09, 2023

West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., a global leader in innovative solutions for injectable drug administration, today announces the expansion of its landmark collaboration with Corning Incorporated, that now includes the exclusive distribution rights for Corning Valor® Glass vials and the launch of its first product, West Ready Pack™ with Corning Valor® RTU Vials utilizing SG EZ-fill® technology.  

The West Ready Pack™ with Corning Valor® RTU Vials combines West's highest quality NovaPure® stoppers, Flip-Off® CCS (Clean, Certified, Sterilized) seals and Corning's best-in-class Valor® RTU Vials with SG EZ-fill® technology into a complete containment solution to help bring parenteral drugs and diagnostics to market.

In January 2022, West announced its agreement with Corning that includes a multimillion-dollar investment to expand Corning's Valor® Glass technology with the goal of advancing patient safety and expanding access to life-saving treatments. This strategic collaboration offers leading elastomer-glass system solutions for containment and delivery of injectable medicines. Together, West and Corning plan to build the next generation of integrated packaging and delivery system solutions.

"This year, West celebrates 100 years as an industry leader and scientific innovator, and we are proud to celebrate this milestone with the launch of our first of many products to come from this groundbreaking collaboration," said Chris Ryan, Vice President, Containment and Glass Systems at West. "West Ready Pack™ with Corning Valor® RTU Vials meets the changing and reactive needs of the marketplace, while providing our customers a complete vial containment solution from development through commercialization."

"Corning is excited to expand our collaboration with West to combine our best-in-class vial technology with their highest-quality components," said Brendan Mosher, Vice President and General Manager, Corning Pharmaceutical Technologies. "By incorporating Valor® Glass technology with West Ready Pack™, we are providing drug developers an integrated, industry leading packaging solution that provides the ultimate protection for their molecules, from manufacturing through patient administration."

Valor® RTU Vials with SG EZ-fill® technology helps to enhance the storage and delivery of drugs, provide more reliable access to medicines essential to public health, and optimize production efficiency. This purpose-built pharmaceutical glass is specifically designed to address the challenges of today's manufacturing operations.

The Ready Pack™ combination of NovaPure® stoppers, Flip-Off® CCS seals, and Valor® RTU Vials with SG EZ-fill® technology provides the following benefits to drug developers:

  • Proven Container Closure Integrity (CCI) including the ability to maintain cold storage CCI when cooled to and stored at -80°C;
  • Sterile ready-to-use format that can be directly introduced into filling operations, eliminating the need for component preparation;
  • Premium components with the tightest particulate specifications in West's offering; and
  • Availability in quantities suitable for small-scale filling operations with continuity to quantity options for large-scale commercial operations.
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