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West Pharma Webinar

West Pharma Webinar

Wednesday, 1st August 2018

14:00 (Singapore) | 11:30 (India) | 16:00 (Australia)

Kwang Kok Li

Kwang Kok Li

Manager for TCS

Generics Mkt & AP

Join West expert Kwang Kok Li for an insightful discussion on Extractables and Leachables (E&L) and the best practices to support customer requirements. With this webinar, pharmaceutical manufacturers will gain a better understanding of regulatory compliance issues associated with E&L.

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  • Learn how West can contribute to your drug's success
  • Examples of best practices
  • Factors influencing E&L profiles
  • Guiding principles in conducting E&L studies
  • Importance of E&L to drug development

Speaker's Biography:

Associated with West Pharmaceutical Services Singapore since 10 years, Kok Li has been involved in the technical support of customers in the Asia Pacific. To address technical issues, she works closely with customers and provides solutions to accelerate customer's time to market.