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How to Optimize Clinical Trials with a Clinical Supply Management Strategy

Thursday, 28th May 2020

15:00 (GMT+8) | 15:00 (China & Singapore) | 16:00hrs (Japan) | 17:30hr (Sydney)

The day-to-day practice of clinical supply management (CSM) faces many challenges. Clinical trials have multiple moving parts that must be proactively managed, including clinical supplies that need to be prepared well in advance of the actual study start. Supply delays, stock-outs or excess inventory are all undesirable and potentially risky scenarios. In recent years, clinical studies have become more global and increasingly complex, involving a multitude of clinical sites and network depots spanning multiple countries and geographic regions, each with a unique set of challenges and requirements. When more countries and regions are added or dropped during a study, CSM activities such as forecasting become important as they can plan for and guide an appropriate response to such changes.

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Juliana Wang

Juliana Wang

Senior Clinical Supply Manager

Asia Pacific Region

Jan Phillips

Jan Phillips

Quality Director, Clinical Supply Services

Bolton, UK

The EU Qualified Person Process for Your Global Clinical Studies

The EU regulatory framework around clinical trials and the role of the EU Qualified Person can seem complex and challenging but are essential to understand if studies are to be successfully conducted in this important region.

In this webinar, Participants will learn about:

How experienced clinical supply chain managers can help sponsors develop more robust and proactive clinical supply plans, understand the critical role of the Qualified Person in EU clinical trials; and explore more customized solutions to clinical supply challenges for APAC customers.

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