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Improving Drug Compatibility and Fill-Finish Processing Through Film Lamination and Coatings

This webinar is focused on the Laminated film and coatings that play an important role in improving drug product compatibility and challenges experienced on filling lines during machinability.

Ensuring drug product quality and keeping patients in mind are important when developing a barrier film and coating solutions for primary packaging components.

FluroTec® is a proprietary ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) copolymer film that is laminated onto elastomeric components, including stoppers and plungers, to create a protective barrier between the drug product and the base elastomer.

Coating with silicone oil has been known to be a potential root cause for particulate matter and haze upon reconstitution of lyophilized drug product, especially if the process of siliconization and amount of silicone oil are not optimized.

B2-Coating is a high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane coating applied to the surface of rubber components. The B2-coating minimizes the transfer of silicone oil into drug solutions, thus reducing risk of particles and the surface lubricity allows smooth movement of stopper/plungers during machinability.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Challenges during drug handling and Fill-Finish processing.
  • Overview on Coatings
  • Overview on FluroTec® Film and Features
  • FluroTec® in combination with B2-coating as an ideal solution to minimize drug product loss or failures
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Having more than with 10 years of industrial experience in providing technical support to customers in Life-science industry In her role as the Technical Account Specialist, Darshana provides technical support to pharmaceutical/Biotech companies in India, providing product recommendations, technical trainings and advices to ensure smooth and easy uptake of West’s wide product portfolio as required for customer’s drug product application.

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