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Use cases of digitization in pharma & MES implementation in the Cloud

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced pharma and healthcare industry worldwide to adopt digitization in order to become more resilient in these challenging times. By adopting digitalization, pharma manufacturers can significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness in their manufacturing processes. Effectiveness can be achieved by standardization while efficiency can be achieved by optimization. This will make entire supply chain lean by enhancing visibility into their production processes.In his presentation, Mr. Manoj Joshi will cover the use cases of digitization and why digital transformation in pharma has become unavoidable.

Cloud MES is changing the pharma IT landscape and end users are gradually shifting towards cloud MES as it’s easily scalable compared to on-premise MES. Moreover, digitization efforts accelerated by the global pandemic is increasing MES migration to the cloud. In his session, Mr. Orchun Thakral will talk about how pharma & biotech manufacturers can benefit from cloud MES.

Korber Webinar

14th July 2021(Wednesday)

11:30 AM (IST) | 12:30 PM (IST)


Katarzyna Moscicka

Mr. Manoj Joshi

General Manager – Operations Software, India

Manoj Joshi is General Manager – Operations Software at Körber Medipak Systems India. He has over 25 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Manoj has successfully delivered MES and SAP implementation/support projects in Global Pharmaceutical companies and also carries rich experience in USFDA Regulatory compliance and IT Governance.


Katarzyna Moscicka

Mr. Orchun Thakral

Dept.General Manager&Head of Sales Software (Asia Pacific), Thailand

Orchun is the Dept. General Manager & Head of Sales (Asia Pacific) at Körber Business Area Pharma. Orchun is a highly experienced Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) technical expert and consultant with a track record of proven success in critical MES projects for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry.

His background is in Computer Engineering and he has been deeply involved for over 10 years with important MES projects for clients including: AstraZeneca (Sweden), AstraZeneca (India), AstraZeneca (UK), Dr Reddy’s (India), CibaVision (Singapore), Kalbe Farma (Indonesia) and MSD (Singapore) before moving into his current Sales role.


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