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Selecting the Right pharmaceutical CDMO Partner for the long term

The relationship between a biotech company and its suppliers is one of the most important from a strategic point of view. Especially for a small biotech with limited bandwidth the management of suppliers quickly becomes one of the main resources sink. We would like to illustrate ways of managing the relationship with your suppliers that can truly develop a collaborative rather than transactional attitude with all the benefits that this entails for both sides of the relationship.

What participants will learn:

  • What are the main drivers for CDMOs
  • Success strategies in outsourcing development of your new project
  • Risk management strategies
  • Common mistakes best avoided in dealing with CDMOs

Who should Attend:

  • Early Stage Research and biotech companies.
  • Universities and commercialization offices.
  • Audiences from Biotech Industry.

13th August 2020(Thursday), 11:30 AM IST | 2:00 PM SGT | 4:00 PM AUST

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Tina Christensen-Ram

Tina Christensen-Ram


Luina Biopharmaceutical

Max Rossetto

Max Rossetto

GM-Business Development

Luina Biopharmaceutical

1. How to find the right CDMO partner in pharmaceuticals?

The biggest challenge small companies have is determining commercialisation and cost of developing a novel drug. It is complex and involves many variables. Outsourcing the scale up and manufacturing is a common strategy but also a very competitive landscape. There are hundreds of pharmaceutical CDMOs out there to choose from. The CDMO outsourcing options for companies can be overwhelming.

This webinar will address the following questions:

  • Where and how do you find a pharma CDMO?
  • How to find the right CDMO partner in pharma?
  • The key differences between the main types of pharma CDMOs’
  • How to determining the range of services offered is critical when choosing a CDMO Partner
  • What are the key mandatory criteria common for clients to assess on
  • What factors have you missed in your assessment?
  • Tips to negotiate a Master Service Agreement
  • Any other special tips??

Once you have chosen a CDMO partner

2. How do you build a good relationship with the CDMO of your choice?

CDMO partnerships are generally a long-term relationship. Skills are required to maintain positive working relationships. The second half of the webinar includes

This webinar will address the following questions:

  • Tips to making a CDMO relationship work
  • Working with Cultural Diversity in the Pharma world
  • How to assess culture fit between the two organisations

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About - Tina Christensen

Tina Christensen-Ram brings her attention to detail and service quality excellence to her role as Quality Manager with Luina Bio. Tina is responsible for the quality control and quality assurance functions across the organisation, and operates a sophisticated Quality Management System.

Tina’s quality management system and processes, ensures Luina Bio meets and exceeds compliance standards and the high expectations and requirements of regulators and clients. Tina provides continuous improvement recommendations, and ensures the organisation is meeting the new and emerging needs of the biopharmaceutical sector.

With a long and impressive quality management background, Tina has previously headed up quality management functions with several Australian and Multinational Pharmaceutical GMP manufacturers. For over 4 years, she worked at Patheon Biologics (previously DSM Biologics), where she played an instrumental role in the start-up team for the new state-of-the-art Brisbane facility. She also played a pivotal role in the successful grant of the GMP Licence in early 2014, for manufacture of drug substances in mammalian cell cultures.

Tina’s areas of specialisation include a wide range of solid and liquid dosage forms, and includes clinical as well as commercial, manufacturing and biotechnology. Prior to emigrating to Australia, Tina was a Qualified Person (QP) in a large multinational pharmaceutical company in Denmark. Tina holds a Master of Science in Pharmacy.

About - Max Rossetto

Max Rossetto is General Manager, Business Development at Luina Bio. During a career spanning over 20 years, Max has innovatively led business developments in both established and emerging global markets, for 3 multinational pharmaceutical services organisations. He now heads up the strategic business development of Luina Bio.

Max brings to the team a wealth of sales, development, contract and stakeholder management experience. With an impressive background spearheading an array of lucrative companies, Max is now focused on expanding the market and global reach of Luina bio and its technology.

Max’s notable education includes MBA in International Business, (M.Sc.). in Biotechnology), as well as biology honours and others. He is also a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.