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Back to Basics: Pouches from Design to Market

As an entry-level professional in medical device packaging, learning the steps to successfully develop a sterile barrier packaging system can be challenging. From designing, meeting regulatory requirements, to passing testing and validation, there are many important stages and stakeholders.  It is daunting and complex, and there is little room for error.

In this webinar, Oliver Healthcare Packaging’s Senior Principal Engineer, Jeremy Elwell, and Jenn Goff, Global Director, Product Strategy will walk through an overview of the sterile barrier packaging development process, focusing on a pouch configuration. They share requirements, best practices, and real life experiences to cover the major hurdles a package must go through to get a device safely to market.  

In this webinar, participants will learn about:

  • Design, regulatory, and testing requirements for a sterile barrier system
  • Major hurdles a package must go through to get to market
  • How to identify what you don’t know and seek support
  • What to avoid from real-life scenarios

Target Audience Level: Entry – Level to Intermediate

Back to Basics | Pouches from Design to Market

There will be a dedicated Q&A session after the webinar


Jenn Goff

Global Director, Product Strategy

Oliver Healthcare Packaging

About - Jenn Goff

With a packaging degree from Michigan State University, Jenn has been dedicated to improving patient safety over the past 16 years. She has partnered with cross-functional teams across multiple organizations to bring lifesaving technologies to the healthcare market. Jenn began her career as a packaging engineer at Edwards Life sciences where she held roles in new product development, global operations and quality engineering. She then moved to Stryker, taking on roles with increasing responsibility and complexity to further help drive change, reduce costs and develop talent. With a diverse background in packaging engineering, labeling, quality engineering and electrical approvals engineering, she can effectively identify and solve various problems in the healthcare sector.

She now holds the role of Global Director, Product Strategy at Oliver Healthcare Packaging. In this role, she identifies unmet needs in the healthcare packaging market to better define and deliver Oliver's global product strategy


Jeremy Elwell

Senior Principal Engineer

Oliver Healthcare Packaging

About - Jeremy Elwell

Jeremy Elwell is a Senior Principal Engineer at Oliver Healthcare Packaging. He is a medical packaging expert with more than 15 years of experience in the medical device industry. Prior to joining Oliver, Jeremy was a Packaging Engineering Manager at Stryker. Before that, he held multiple roles in management and packaging engineering at Vention Medical. Jeremy is a proud Spartan, having graduated from the School of Packaging at Michigan State University.