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Redefining Liquid Formulation Technology in Hard Capsules

Webinar Overview:

Join this webinar to hear from three industry experts on the increased focus on liquid filling in hard capsules in the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries. You will learn how the use of Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems (SEDDS) enables oral bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs (BCS Class II/IV), and how to formulate the different types of SEDDS formulations in pharmaceutical product development. Within dietary supplement products, discover why there is an increased emphasis on liquid filling to enhance certain product lines, brand high-end ingredients, and the use combination filling to separate products from a crowded market.

Participants from the pharmaceutical & dietary supplement industries will learn…

  • How to formulation a SEDDS product and get to clinicals faster
  • Bioavailability enhancement techniques for SEDDS formulations
  • Key considerations for liquid formulations in dietary supplements
  • Combination liquid filling applications
  • The importance and techniques of banding liquid filled capsules
  • Versatility & advantages of liquid filling compared to similar dosage forms

Who should Attend…

  • Formulation development personnel
  • Analytical Scientists
  • Quality & Regulatory Executives
  • Production Managers
  • Sales & Marketing

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Speaker Bios:

Justin Kalafat

Justin Kalafat

Head of International Scientific Business Development

ACG Capsules

About - Justin Kalafat

Justin Kalafat is responsible for leading a team in the Americas and Europe, as ACG Capsules’ Head of International Scientific Business Development. His team collaborates with the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries targeting science driven customers for empty hard shell capsule opportunities and partnerships. A major focal area is adding value and highlighting technical aspects of the capsules with new product assistance and driving novel discussions for inhalation, liquid filling and combination projects. University collaborations for research and publication, conference involvement geared to product development and emphasizing go-to-market strategies for internal R&D projects are also vital to his team’s success.

Anthony Drager

Anthony Drager

Senior Director,Pharmaceutical Development

Venatorx Pharmaceuticals

About - Anthony Drager

Anthony Drager Dr. Drager joined Venatorx in 2018 and leads a formulation development group responsible for drugproduct development, investigating new drug delivery technologies, and the scale- up and manufacturing of clinicalsupplies. Prior to joining Venatorx, he spent a combined 14 years at Teva/Cephalon leading a drug delivery group andhe worked for 3 years as a Formulation Development Chemist for the Dow Chemical Company in Midland, MI. Duringhis pharmaceutical career he has contributed to the development of drug candidates that focused on the treatment ofParkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy, Cognition, Migraine/Pain, Anti-Infectives, and Oncology. Dr. Drager received his Ph.D. inOrganic Chemistry from the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ, and his B.S. in Chemistry from Millersville University.In addition, he is an Adjunct Professor in the Chemistry Department of Millersville University, where he teachescourses in general, organic, and polymer chemistry.

Andrey Lopes

Andrey Lopes

Development Manager LATAM

ACG Capsules

About - Andrey Lopes

Andrey Lopes is ACG Capsule’s Business Development Manager in the LATAM region with more than fourteen years of experience in BD & Licensing. Operating from Brazil, Andrey blends his maters and doctorate education in pharmacy & biochemistry with new innovative options for his customers. Andrey’s strategies are based on growing key products and customer initiatives with advanced dosage forms in the nutritional and pharmaceutical industries.