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Webinar Sponsored bysuez


27 May 2020


15:00 IST

Christopher Huynh

Mr. Christopher Huynh

Senior Product Marketing Manager

SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions

[email protected]

Improve ultrapure water system performance and quality with Ozonia ozone technology

The goal of this webinar is to familiarize companies with the applications and benefits of ozone technology in ultrapure water systems and Ozonia Membrel® electrolytic technology - SUEZ’s ozone product that produces ozone directly from water instead of gaseous air or oxygen.

Electrolytic ozone technology has advantages over alternative disinfection technologies:

  • Water is the Input for Electrolytic Ozone Generation
  • Ozone Provides Continuous Disinfection
  • Ozone Provides Easy Water Loop Sanitization

In this webinar, Participants will learn about:

  • Get an introduction to ozone technology in pure water, ultrapure water, and water for injection (WFI) applications.
  • Learn from case studies on ozone technology applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Learn best practices for ozone technologydesign and integration in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes
  • Ask our expert speakers questions and benefit from their knowledge and guidance

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This is the 4th webinar in the series conducted by "SUEZ" organised by Pharma Focus Asia.

About - Christopher Huynh

Christopher Huynh is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions. Ozonia ozone solutions have been a leader in disinfection technology for over 40 years. Christopher has over 10 years' experience in the environmental services industry and is the main point of contact for Ozonia brand marketing globally. He can be contacted at [email protected]