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The road to commercial readiness: Mastering API production at every scale

Mastering the complexities of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) commercial production is crucial for ensuring the consistent quality, efficacy, and safety of pharmaceutical products. It is also a strategic imperative for successfully launching and maintaining drug products in the market, as it directly impacts the drug's reliability and consumer trust.

A CDMO partner's role in this journey is pivotal, offering guidance and solutions that pave the way for commercial success. This webinar will describe Thermo Fisher Scientific’s holistic approach to API commercial production, which encompasses scalability, sustainability, cost optimization, and manufacturing flexibility.

From leveraging advanced technologies and processes for scalable production to adopting sustainable practices and ensuring regulatory compliance, our experts will explore strategies for significantly enhancing the commercial production process, whether producing an orphan drug or a mass market product. Using real-life scenarios, they will demonstrate the importance of working with a CDMO partner that has the resources, expertise, and flexibility to advance an API from early process development to commercial readiness.

Participants will learn about:

  • The criteria to look for in a potential CDMO partner
  • Approaches for responsible and sustainable raw material sourcing
  • Strategies for innovative optimization of manufacturing processes and costs
  • Benefits of leveraging a network of sites for scalable commercialization
  • Methods for ensuring a sustainable supply throughout the product lifecycle

Who should attend

This webinar is a must-attend for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry seeking to enhance their API commercial production strategy. Participants will leave with actionable knowledge on selecting the right CDMO partner, ensuring their projects, regardless of scale, are set up for success in the competitive pharmaceutical market.

25th June 2024 11 AM ET | 3 PM GMT



Axel Zimmermann

R&D Director, API

Axel Zimmermann

Mr.Axel is a seasoned professional with 14 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has primarily worked in Research and Development (R&D) but also held positions of responsibilities as a project and external manufacturing manager. His expertise spans the entire drug substance development and commercialization process. Throughout his career, Axel has successfully led the commercialization of multiple drug candidates, taking them from clinical trials to commercial launch. Since October 2023, Axel has taken on a leadership role as the head of the R&D departments at Thermo Fisher's largest commercial small molecule manufacturing site in Linz, Austria.


Stephen Boppart

Director of Business Management, API

Stephen Boppart

Mr.Stephen Boppart has been with the commercial group of Patheon since 2007, having worked with emerging pharma and large pharmaceutical clients, taking projects from early clinical through to commercialization. Prior to joining Patheon, Stephen worked in the US and Switzerland in the clinical research, and specialty chemical industry