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Developing Biobanks for Health Research in Indonesia: Addressing Technical and Non-Technical Challenges

During this webinar, the development of biobanks in Indonesia will be discussed, as the collection of biospecimens and accompanying data for Health Research has been rapidly evolving. However, biobanking involves technical and non-technical considerations, including ethical, legal and social issues. The Biobank Unit at the Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing (FMPHN) at UGM in Yogyakarta Indonesia, has been actively involved in these needs. Dr Fachiroh will discuss the efforts that have been undertaken, in collaboration with various stakeholders from within and outside of Indonesia, to tackle some of these challenges.

Participants will learn about

  • Discover how biobanks have evolved beyond their initial role of collecting and utilizing biospecimens and their role in HealthResearch.
  • The webinar will cover the technical and non-technical aspects of biobanking, including ethical, legal, and social issues.
  • Participants will gain insights into the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing the challenges of biobanking, both within and outside of Indonesia.

Who should attend

This presentation is highly relevant to biobanks from diverse areas of research such as:

  • Research and Academic
  • Biotech / Pharma
  • Healthcare / Hospitals

Event details

Webinar Date:23 May 2023
Duration: 1hour
Start Time :10:00AM
Time Zone:GMT+8

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Speakers Bio:

Dr Jajah Fachiroh Ph.D.

Dr Jajah Fachiroh Ph.D.

Department of Histology and Cell Biology/ Biobank Unit, FMPHN UGM

Dr Jajah Fachiroh Ph.D.

Dr Jajah Fachiroh is an accomplished researcher and academic with a PhD in immunovirology from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and postdoc training in cancer molecular epidemiology at WHO-IARC, Lyon, France. She is currently an Assistant Professor at FMPHN UGM, where she also serves as Head of the Biobank Unit and has previously served as Coordinator for the Biobank Development Team. Dr. Jajah Fachiroh is also an ISBER Indo Pacific Rim Ambassador and a Technical Advisor for Biobanking at BGSi, Ministry of Health Rep. Indonesia. Her research interests include biomarkers, smoking-related diseases, nasopharyngeal cancer, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), COVID-19, and biobanking, and she is a highly respected speaker and has presented her research at various national and international conferences.