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PRMA Consulting

10th November 2020


Duration: 15 minutes

Darren McBride

Darren McBride

Chief Technology Officer

Onisim Gabrian

Onisim Gabrian

Product Manager

Recommendations for driving your journey to digital excellence

This free, 15-minute webinar provides key recommendations for manufacturers seeking to confidently fuel their strategies and drive stronger market access outcomes leveraging the experience and digital solutions of PRMA Consulting.

In an ever-evolving and disrupted world of pharmaceutical and biotechnology product development and commercialization, market access is at a crossroads. Navigating the right path forward requires not only a clear strategy, but agile, innovative ways of thinking and execution.

Does a consultancy with proven strategic market access skills and agile digital capabilities provide the smart solution?

Learning aims

Darren McBride (Chief Technology Officer) and Onisim Gabrian (Digital Product Manager) will discuss:

  • how to bring your organization up to speed with digital transformation and drive buy-in from slow-adopters
  • examples from top-5 pharmaceutical organizations that have benefited from our digital applications
  • actionable insights from PRMA Consulting’s evolution of its digital capabilities.

Ideal viewing: Ideal viewing: this 15-minute update is essential viewing for all heads of digital and architecture, project sponsors, and those involved in the enablement of digital technology in healthcare.

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About - Darren McBride

Darren is a senior IT leader and an IT architecture practitioner who has led IT strategy and IT teams at organizations such as JP Morgan, PWC, BAT, and Barclays.

His main expertise is enterprise architecture and IT strategy and he is comfortable across all technologies with strong experience of several industry sectors.

At PRMA Consulting, Darren sets the IT strategy and advises how the organization will deliver against it. Darren has an inclusive style and ensures there is cohesion and a strong alliance between the business and IT teams.

About - Onisim Gabrian

Onisim is a Product Manager at PRMA Consulting with a focus on product innovation and business process optimization through technology.

He is an IT specialist with 4 years’ experience as co-founder of a start-up funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program for research and innovation.

Prior to this, he worked in project management for a software development company with various enterprise clients such as the NHS, T-Mobile, Adobe Systems, Microsoft Studios, etc.

Onisim has a BSc in IT, Electronics, and Telecommunications from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.