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Formulation and Device Lifecycle Management of Biotherapeutics

Formulation and Device Lifecycle Management of Biotherapeutics

Pages: 228

Publisher: Academic Press

Year of Publication: 2022

Author(s) : Beate Bittner, Johannes Schmidt

Book Description:

Today, the pressure on healthcare costs and resources is increasing, and especially for biopharmaceuticals that require parenteral administration, the inherent complex and invasive dosing procedure adds to the demand for efficient medical management. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic the value of drug delivery technologies in enabling a flexible care setting is broadly recognized. In such a setting, patients and their caregivers can choose the place of drug administration based on individual preferences and capabilities. This includes not only dosing in the clinic but also supervised at-home dosing and self-administration for eligible patients. Formulation and Device Lifecycle Management of Biotherapeutics: A Guidance for Researchers and Drug Developers covers the various aspects of improving drug delivery of biological medicines with the ultimate goal to reduce dosing complexity associated with parenteral administration and, thus, enhance patient experience and drug administration-related healthcare capacity. The target audience are multidisciplinary researchers and drug developers in the pharmaceutical industry, biotech companies, and academia involved in formulation and device development. This includes pharmacology and medical experts in charge of generating nonclinical and clinical data to support approval of novel dosing regimens, and drug delivery scientists and engineers responsible for technical particulars of product optimizations. Moreover, professionals in market access and commercial functions are expected to benefit from the discussions about the impact of patient and healthcare provider needs and country-specific reimbursement models on realizing a truly convenient and cost and resource efficient drug delivery solution.

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