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The Research Insights area highlights recent advances in science and medicine as well as global laboratory research. Our readers gain tremendous benefit from research discoveries in an indirect manner.

Development of Multi-drug Resistance to Anticancer Drugs in HepG2 Cells Due to MRP2 Upregulation on Exposure to Menthol

Menthol exerts relaxing antibacterial and antiinflammatory activities and is marketed as a functional food and therapeutic drug

H4k20me3 is Important for Ash1-mediated H3k36me3 and Transcriptional Silencing in Facultative Heterochromatin in a Fungal Pathogen

Chromatin the assembly of DNA RNA and proteins that constitutes chromosomes can assume active and inactive states that are correlated with different histone and DNA modifications Transcriptionally inactive

Adenylosuccinate Lyase Deficiency Affects Neurobehavior via Perturbations to Tyramine Signaling in Caenorhabditis Elegans

Congenital metabolic disorders CMDs arise from genetic mutations that result in reduction or absence of enzymatic activity leading to phenotypic clinical manifestations Although most CMDs are rare individually

Microtubules Oppose Cortical Actomyosin-driven Membrane Ingression During C. Elegans Meiosis I Polar Body Extrusion

During C elegans oocyte meiosis I cytokinesis and polar body extrusion cortical actomyosin is locally remodeled to assemble a contractile ring that forms within and remains part of a much larger and actively contractile cortical actomyosin network

ADAR-mediated Regulation of PQM-1 Expression in Neurons Impacts Gene Expression Throughout C. Elegans and Regulates Survival From Hypoxia

The ability to alter gene expression programs in response to changes in environmental conditions is central to the ability of an organism to thrive For most organisms the nervous system serves as the master regulator in communicating information

The Transcription Factor DUX4 Orchestrates Translational Reprogramming by Broadly Suppressing Translation Efficiency and Promoting Expression of DUX4-induced mRNAs

Translational control is critical for cell fate transitions during development lineage specification and tumorigenesis Here we show that the transcription factor double homeobox protein DUX and its previously characterized transcriptional program

Safety and Immunogenicity of a New Formulation of a Pentavalent DTwP-HepB Vaccine in Healthy Indian Infants–A Randomized Study

Pentavalent vaccines DTPHepBHib have been introduced in many countries in their routine public immunization programmes to protect against diphtheria D tetanus T pertussis P hepatitis B Hep B and Hemophilus influenzae type b Hib diseases

Beyond a PPR-RNA Recognition Code: Many Aspects Matter for the Multi-targeting Properties of RNA Editing Factor PPR56

The mitochondrial CtoU RNA editing factor PPR of the moss Physcomitrium patens is an RNAbinding pentatricopeptide repeat protein equipped with a terminal DYWtype cytidine deaminase domain

Muscleblind-1 Interacts With Tubulin mRNAs to Regulate the Microtubule cytoskeleton in C. elegans Mechanosensory Neurons

A highly ordered functional neuronal circuit comprises polarized nerve cells which are compartmentalized into dendrites and axons for unidirectional reception and transmission of information

Functional Mapping of N-terminal Residues in the Yeast Proteome Uncovers Novel Determinants for Mitochondrial Protein Import

As soon as they emerge from the ribosomal tunnel the protein nascent chains recruit factors that will play key roles in their life cycle Such recruitment is dependent on the nature of the protein Nterminal amino acid residues

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