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Welcome & Introduction

We are thrilled to announce the release of the second edition of Pharma Focus America magazine for 2023!


Global Regulatory Landscape for Cell and Gene Therapies

Navigating the complex and dynamic gene therapy regulatory landscape has been a persistent challenge for developers and manufacturers.

Challenges in GMP, GCP & Regulatory Affairs

The pharmaceutical industry operates in a constantly shifting regulatory environment. Health authorities worldwide are continually updating and revising regulations

Research & Development

Safety Considerations for Antibody Drug Conjugates

Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) are innovative modalities to deliver chemotherapeutics to specifically targeted populations of cancer cells.

Success in Pharmaceutical Research Can Be Highly Unpredictable

The macroeconomic fundamentals of the pharmaceutical industry remain strong.

Using Existing Data to Create and Validate Digital Biomarkers

The first challenge when implementing digital health technologies is achieving the adoption and acceptance of digital biomarkers

Clinical Trials

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials: Optimizing Outsourcing Relationships for Mutual Success

Clinical trials form the backbone of pharmaceutical development, acting as the proving ground where the safety and efficacy of novel medical interventions are thoroughly evaluated.

Perspectives on the Future of Metabolism-targeted Therapeutics in Precision Oncology

Although genes encode cellular functions and fates, with DNA acting as an inert cookbook, metabolism is the lifeblood of every living cell.


What Innovations Are Shaping the Future of Pharma Packaging?

A number of exciting innovations have begun to gain the attention of companies within the pharmaceutical sector. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Expert Talk

eBR for Paperless Manufacturing in the Pharma Industry

eBR systems are more reliable and compliance than traditional paper documents, log in measures,

Integration of Emerging Technologies in Drug Substance and Drug Product Development and Manufacturing

Emerging technologies are technologies that are in the early stages of adoption in drug substance and drug product development

Big Data Analytics - A Revolution in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

In this panel discussion, our panelists will explore how big data analytics is reshaping drug discovery, clinical trials, patient care, and regulatory decisions.


Evolution of Antibody Humanization and Affinity Maturation

Antibody humanization and affinity maturation have revolutionized the biotech industry in the past 10–20 years

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