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Welcome & Introduction

N D Vijaya Lakshmi, Editor, Pharma Focus America

We are thrilled to announce the release of the second edition of Pharma Focus America magazine for 2023! This achievement fills us with both pride and a sense of responsibility. I take this opportunity to acknowledge the exceptional dedication, expertise, and collaborative efforts of our proficient team, advisory board panel, and esteemed authors. Together, they have created high-quality industry literature that caters effectively to our readers and seekers.

In this edition, we present a diverse knowledge base from industry experts, spanning topics such as Regulatory Affairs, Outsourcing in Clinical Trials, Targeted Therapeutics in Precision Oncology, Digital Biomarkers, and more. Additionally, our second edition marks the launch of two new sections – "Industry Sense" and "Through the Hourglass." These sections aim to bridge the gap between industry experts and our readers by offering their perspectives and insights.

Below, we present a thoughtfully curated selection of noteworthy topics, designed to provide you with a quick reference and an engaging introduction.

The pharmaceutical world's march forward is accompanied by the imperative to uphold the highest standards in GMP, GCP, and Regulatory Affairs. Join us as Josipa Ljubicic, QA Director and Principal Auditor at Proqlea Ltd, delves into the intricacies of GMP& GCP vital areas, highlighting the challenges and solutions that drive excellence.

Evolution is a constant companion on the journey to enhanced pharmaceuticals. Sumana Sundaramurthy, Technical Account Manager at Sino Biological, takes us through the Evolution of Antibody Humanization and Affinity Maturation. Witness the transformative progress that has reshaped antibody research, ushering in groundbreaking treatments.

Packaging transcends mere formality – it embodies technology itself. James Bury, Head of Technology at Tjoapack, unravels the dynamic world of Pharma Packaging Innovations. Explore how cutting-edge advancements in packaging enhance drug delivery, patient safety, and environmental sustainability.

Collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and outsourced partners is pivotal for success. Joab Williamson from Faron Pharmaceuticals and Tegen Winstanley from Catalent provide insights into optimizing Outsourcing Relationships in Clinical Trials. Learn how seamless collaboration achieves mutual success.

In the realm of precision medicine, the future unfolds intricately. Ravi Dashnamoorthy, Principal Scientist at Genosco Inc, uncovers the potential of Metabolism-targeted Therapeutics in Precision Oncology. Witness the convergence of genomics, metabolomics, and oncology, shaping personalized treatments.

Safety remains paramount in drug development. Maciej Czerwinski, Director of XenoTech Scientific Consulting at BioIVT, delves into Safety Considerations for Antibody Drug Conjugates. Discover the delicate equilibrium between innovation and safety in this cutting-edge field.

Success in pharmaceutical research often emerges from unpredictability. J. Mark Treherne, Director and Chairman of Talisman Therapeutics Ltd, invites reflection on research's dynamic journey. Embrace the uncertainty that leads to breakthroughs.

--Issue 02--

Author Bio

N D Vijaya Lakshmi

N D Vijaya Lakshmi, Editor, Pharma Focus America

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