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Multiply Labs and Stanford Medicine's Laboratory for Cell and Gene Medicine (LCGM) to Collaborate on Automated Systems for Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Multiply Labs and Stanford Medicine’s Laboratory for Cell & Gene Medicine (LCGM) have announced a pioneering collaboration aimed at showcasing the potential of automation technology in cell therapy manufacturing. This partnership will merge LCGM’s renowned process development proficiency with Multiply Labs’ robotic technology. A distinctive aspect of Multiply Labs’ approach to cell therapy manufacturing automation lies in its robotic systems' ability to operate instruments from various vendors that are already proven under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. These robots manage instruments, consumables, and reagents, which are extensively utilized in cell and gene therapy manufacturing, facilitating plug-and-play functionality and minimizing regulatory hurdles, as no major process alterations are needed for robotic compatibility.

LCGM at Stanford Medicine is dedicated to devising innovative manufacturing platforms for the GMP production of cell and gene therapy products, aiming to bridge the gap between research and clinical application for patients with significant unmet medical needs. This objective perfectly aligns with Multiply Labs’ mission to broaden patient access to life-saving cell therapies by enhancing scalability through automation. The collaboration will empower cell therapy organizations to unlock the full potential of automation technology by conducting a comparative analysis between their current manual processes and the corresponding automated processes utilizing the robotic system. This automation framework draws inspiration from Multiply Labs’ recent peer-reviewed study, published in Cytotherapy, demonstrating statistical equivalence between manual and automated cell expansion processes utilizing identical instruments, consumables, and reagents—a first in the industry.

Fred Parietti, Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO of Multiply Labs, expressed enthusiasm for this groundbreaking collaboration, stating, “This unprecedented collaboration offers cell therapy leaders a glimpse into the transformative capabilities of this technology. By merging our cutting-edge robotic systems with Stanford Medicine LCGM’s unparalleled process development expertise, our aim is to empower cell therapy organizations to seamlessly automate their manufacturing processes, preserving their essential characteristics. We are thrilled to partner with Dr. Steven Feldman and the LCGM team to expedite our mission of advancing automation adoption among cell therapy organizations and extending the reach of these crucial therapies to more patients in need.”



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