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Aragen Unveils Groundbreaking $30 Million Investment for Bio-Manufacturing Facility in India


Aragen, a leading CRDMO specializing in small molecules and biologics, is establishing a new biologics manufacturing facility in Bangalore, India.


The project encompasses a substantial area, covering nearly 160,000 square meters.

The state-of-the-art facility will house process development labs and multiple GMP manufacturing suites, supported by quality control labs for analytical and microbiology functions.

Manufacturing suites will feature intensified processing capabilities using single-use bioreactors and advanced downstream purification to meet the growing demand in the biologics sector.

The facility aims to provide integrated solutions, covering process development, validation, analytical development, pilot production, large-scale DS manufacturing, and stability services.

Capabilities will include the development and manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), therapeutic proteins, and fusion proteins, contributing to the company's bioproduction capacity in California.

The facility is designed for future expansion, accommodating plasmid DNA, mRNA, cell and gene therapy, microbial manufacturing, and additional GMP manufacturing suites in response to increasing demand.

The anticipated timeline includes the operationalization of the process development laboratory by the third quarter of FY 24, with the first manufacturing suite set to open in the third quarter of FY 25.


Name: Aragen

Year: 2025

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