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Major Investment of Over 50 Billion Yen Allocated to Strengthen Bio Manufacturing Facilities and Support Swift Launch of In-House Projects


Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) will invest 50 billion yen to construct new bio APIs and injection buildings at the Utsunomiya Plant, strengthening its manufacturing capabilities.


The first facility, UT3, will be dedicated to the manufacturing of bio-APIs from the clinical development stage to initial commercial production.

UT3 will focus on middle to later-stage manufacturing of investigational drugs, including Phase 1 and 2 projects, to strengthen the in-house production foundation.

It will implement continuous production functions, including the introduction of perfusion culture, to enhance the efficiency of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

The second facility, UTA, will be a new injection building supporting the formulation of complex in-house antibody projects.

UTA will utilize robotics for various container use and to improve productivity, enabling high-mix, low-volume manufacturing.

The manufacturing facilities aim to achieve a rapid launch of in-house products and provide a competitive advantage.

Environmental burden reduction initiatives, such as chlorofluorocarbon-free and energy-saving design, will be promoted in the new facilities.

The buildings will adopt digital infrastructure and advanced technologies for efficient operations, aligned with the SPIRITS project.

Cost-competitive smart factories will be realized through the use of robotics and advanced automation technologies.

Construction plan of UT3: Start of construction January 2024, Completion of building May 2026, Start of operation October 2026

Construction plan of UTA: Start of construction January 2024, Completion of building November 2025, Start of operation March 2026


Name:   Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Type:     Expansion

Year:      2026

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