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Sandoz Unveils $90M Investment in Slovenian Biosimilar Development Center


Sandoz Unveils Plans for Biosimilar Technical Development Center Establishment


Sandoz's investment sets the stage for a significant transformation of the Ljubljana site into a central hub for advancing biosimilar products within the company.

The investment endeavor is poised to generate approximately 200 fresh full-time employment opportunities.

The prospective facility will bolster Sandoz's proficiency in both biosimilar drug substance and drug product progression.

Biosimilars are pivotal in treating an array of serious ailments like cancer, psoriasis, and arthritis.

Biosimilars foster healthy competition and contribute to financial savings, addressing the financial challenges faced by healthcare systems globally.

Sandoz is committed to ensuring accessibility to economical and efficacious biologic medications across therapeutic domains such as immunology, oncology, supportive care, and endocrinology.

At present, Sandoz boasts a portfolio of eight biosimilars already in the market, with an additional 24 molecules advancing through diverse developmental phases.

The establishment of a dedicated Sandoz Biopharma Development Center in Slovenia by 2026 underscores the company's steadfast dedication to pioneering advancements in biopharmaceuticals.


Name: Sandoz

Type: Construction 

Year: 2026

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