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ST Pharm Invests US$110 million to Open New Oligonucleotide Facility in South Korea


ST Pharm invests US$110 million to open new state-of-the-art Oligonucleotide facility at Banwol campus, South Korea.


The construction of the new oligonucleotide facility is set to cover an expansive area of approximately 10,900 square metres (or 3,300 square metres), towering to a height of 60 metres and spanning seven floors.

The expansion responds to the growing demand for oligonucleotide therapeutics, including ASO, siRNA, and CRISPR, aiming to increase capacity from 6.4 mol to 14 mol while enhancing overall capabilities.

The upcoming facility is designed to accommodate various production scales. In its initial phase, it will introduce three novel production lines, boasting capacities of 1.8 mol (large scale), 400 mmol (mid scale), and 100 mmol (small scale), while maintaining the adaptability to incorporate two additional lines in anticipation of future growth.

This state-of-the-art facility will harness the power of automation and digitisation to optimise operations, capitalising on the wealth of expertise already available to enhance productivity, robustness, and agility resulting in reduced labour costs and significantly enhancing overall cost-efficiency.

The new facility is scheduled to be operational by the year 2025.


Name      ST Pharm
Type        New Construction
Budget    US$110 million
Year        2025

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