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N D Vijaya Lakshmi, Editor, Pharma Focus America

As a publishing house there can be no other joy for us than to announce the launch of our very first issue of Pharma Focus America magazine 2023. I take this opportunity to congratulate my team, the panel of knowledgeable advisory board and all the authors who with their tenacious efforts believed in our vision of relevancy with uncompromising quality.

Backed by the team which powers Pharma Focus Asia and Pharma Focus Europe, Pharma Focus America is the newest kid in the block and strategically positioned to cater to the Pharma professionals across the American subcontinent. Fostering quality and timely delivery of trending topics relevant to the industry, Pharma Focus America magazine is committed to be its readers delight…leaving them in awe.

Pharmaceutical 3D Printing

Alvaro Goyanes, CEO and Co-founder at FABRX treads the path and unfolds the latest trend in 3D Printing that the Pharma sector is witnessing. Pharmaceutical 3D printing is a rapidly growing field, with more clinical studies starting every year. Able to manufacture novel dosage forms with advanced release profiles personalised to the patient, this technique is set to bring massive changes.

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry has until now, followed a batch processing scenario to ensure that each batch was produced efficiently and effectively. Hassan Mostafa Mohamed, Chairman & CEO at ReyadaPro explains the latest trends in pharmaceutical manufacturing with the adoption of continuous processing with its impact on time taken and resources used.

Pharma industry seems to be ripe for AI transformation from drug discovery and the performance of trials, to remote patient monitoring, medication adherence tools and beyond. This article from Lydia Torne, Partner at Simmons & Simmons LLP explains some of the potential legal considerations when entering into licensing collaborations for the use of AI in drug discovery.

In the pharmaceutical industry Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models are being applied to improve the pharmacovigilance process. Ryanka Chauhan, Product Manager, Datafoundry – covers how these advancements have the potential to increase efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in pharmacovigilance, as well as reduce costs and delivery timelines.

Piet van der Graaf, SVP, QSP at Certara details in his article how Model Informed Drug Development (MIDD) continues to be a game changer in accelerating drug development. Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) is one such technology, which employs virtual patients in virtual clinical trials, allowing more approaches to be investigated than would be possible in the real world.

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N D Vijaya Lakshmi

N D Vijaya Lakshmi, Editor, Pharma Focus America

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