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Issue 01 | 2023

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Issue 01



Welcome & Introduction

As a publishing house there can be no other joy for us than to announce the launch of our very first issue of Pharma Focus America magazine

Research & Development

Advances in mRNA Therapeutics and Vaccines

In the field of infectious disease a prophylactic vaccine is a product that prevents disease by inducing an immune response against an infectious agent or pathogen

Using Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Modelling to Accelerate Drug Development

Quantitative systems pharmacology QSP combines computational modelling and experimental methods to explore the relationship between a drug human biology and the disease process

IgA-Mediated Inflammatory Disorders

Autoantigen-specific IgA, a biomarker with strong effector functions

In current drug development we are educated and trained to follow identical development strategies that have been proven to be successful in the past and assume a guaranteed success for the future

Clinical Trials

Decentralization - The Future of Clinical Trials

Decentralization was a necessity for the conduct of the clinical trials during the Coronavirus Disease COVID pandemic

Gene Therapy for Cancer & Immunology

After the s and the development of recombinant DNA techniques tests showed that foreign genes are able to correct disease phenotypes and genetic defects in mammalian cells while the use of gene transfer methods has facilitated the effective demonstration of phenotype correction in vitro and in vivo


Pharmaceutical 3D Printing

D printing is a wellknown additive manufacturing technique of the modern age

Choose Carefully: The Potential of Continuous Flow Chemistry in API Synthesis

The batch reactor has long been the mainstay of API manufacture for good reason

Viral Gene Therapy – How Can the Industry Drive Down the Cost of Goods to Better Serve the Patients?

Gene therapy is a fastgrowing sector in the life sciences industry and there are countless reasons to be enthusiastic about it

Adapting Containment Strategies to Future-proof the Manufacture of Sterile Drug Products

Preparing for the Future: Upgrading Cleanroom Containment Strategies to Ensure Long-term Drug Product Sterility.

The aseptic pharmaceutical processing market is growing at a rapid rate its value is currently projected to increase from billion in to billion by

Advanced Model Predictive Control System of Continuous Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Process

Currently the bio pharmaceutical industry is going under a paradigm shift from batch to continuous manufacturing CM

Continuous Vs. Batch Manufacturing

In batch processing a subsequent batch can be processed only after the current batch has been completed

Information Technology

How AI is Transforming the Pharma Industry

The global pharmaceutical industry is currently facing many wide ranging challenges including an aging population increased life expectancy a rise in chronic conditions reduced funding for treatments reduced numbers of clinical staff the ever increasing cost of drug development and raw materials and supply chain issues

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Automation of Pharmacovigilance

With rapid digitalization and increased research in the sector the pharmaceutical industry has experienced a remarkable development in the last three years opening doors for innovative routes of therapy for humankind

Expert Talk

Next Generation Sequencing - Genomics

The genomic sequencing approach allows for a comprehensive analysis of human DNA for gene sequence changes enabling the detection of cancer associated novel genetic changes in unexpected genes


Recombinant Antibody Production in Drug Discovery

Antibody engineering and production are essential tools in drug discovery providing powerful and specific therapeutics and diagnostic or prognostic materials for various diseases